What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “bike”?

Riding a motorcycle and feeling that cool breeze is indeed a surreal feeling. Imagine riding a bike and the bike chain suddenly breaks down, sounds awful, doesn’t it?

That’s where service and maintenance of a bike comes into picture. A bike that is serviced at regular intervals of time provides you an optimum performance and a smooth experience while riding it.

There are numerous ways to ensure that your bike sustains longer, prominent amongst them is servicing your bike engine with a 4t motorcycle oil. Let’s dive into finding the best tips that help you increase the life of your motorcycle.


Not servicing your bike can cause an extreme wear and tear of your bike. Just like how humans need a proper nutrition to live a healthy life, a bike requires a proper oiling and greasing to ensure that it stays intact for a long period of time.

A two-wheeler, if not taken care of properly can be affected badly due to:

  • Rusting of parts
  • Clogging the filters
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • Battery leakages
  • Jamming of clutch and brake pads

Lack of maintenance of a two wheeler can result into an extremely poor performance and will cost the efficiency of the bike. In some cases, rust builds up over the bike chains and parts if not taken care of properly, which leads to a decay in the chassis and bike parts.


To ensure that your bike must be efficient enough to sustain for a long period of time, there are certain practices that will help you immensely.

  • Warm up the engine

Warming up the engine plays a key role in ensuring that your engine is healthy and intact. Ideally warming up the engine for a good 2-3 minutes will heat the engine up and give an amazing kick-start. This also helps in increasing the temperature of your two wheeler engine oil, thus resulting in a smoother overall transmission

  • Checking & Replacing Engine Oil

The most important step that helps you increase the life expectancy of your bike is checking your engine oil. A 4t engine oil for motorcycles is highly recommended, however you must check the manual to check the grade of two-wheeler oil that suits the engine. A two-wheeler engine oil that can boost the performance of your bike significantly if you take care of these steps:

  • Checking engine oil quality and level is a good practice before going for a bike ride
  • It is recommended to replace the engine oil every 2000 miles travelled.
  • Some bikes may have different engine oil replacement schedule, but it enhances the engine life if you replace the oil before the scheduled replacement period.
  • Grade of oil is different for different motorcycles. Ensure that you choose the one prescribed for your bike in the manual.

When it comes to selecting the right engine oil, one must consider its efficacy and a premium grade that provides you a subtle experience. Aurolube’s Click® 4T SAE 20w40 API – SN engine oil is a synthetic blend of 4T motorcycle oil developed with top-notch technology to boost the performance of your bike.

  • Regular Lubrication

As important oiling the engine is, lubricating your bike and its parts enhances its performance massively. There’s a range of different parts which require lubrication at regular intervals.

Apart from your chains, wheel bearings, suspension have to be lubricated and greased to ensure that the bike runs smoothly.

  • Clean Engine Carburettor and Air Filter Regularly:

A carburettor can accumulate lots of stale oil and grease remnants that will massively affect the utility of a bike. It’s essential to clean the carburettor and maintain valve clearances thoroughly. It’s recommended to clean out the carburettor for every 1500 kilometres travelled.

Efficiency of a motor cycle is vastly affected if the air filter is clogged with impurities. A clogged air filter allows air filled with dirt to enter the motorcycle engine. If you continue riding with a clogged air filter, it prohibits the right blend of fuel and air, which comprehensively damages your engine.

  • Clutch adjustment and not over revving:

Over revving your bike might seem a cool thing to do, but it hampers the condition of the bike significantly. The engine gets overheated than usual, which might result in frequent stalling of engines.

In a similar way, a clutch should be regulated in such a way that it has a free play. Over-tightening the clutch can increase your fuel consumption and also can slip out unnoticed.


Now that we’re all acquainted with the know-hows of increasing the performance of a bike, it’s even more important to blend it with an engine oil that skyrockets its utility. Aurolube facilitates an array of top-notch two-wheeler engine oils that enhance your experience and prolongs the efficiency of your bike.

We, at Aurolube are an amalgamation of different lubrication and industrial products in the automobile market. Along with high-speed performance, our cost-effective automobile products that are streamlined across the nation makes us second to none.

Right from 4t engine oils for two-wheelers to lubricants, gear oils, coolants, oils for different vehicles, Aurolube is the go-to place for a seamless, user-friendly experience.  Connect with us at sa***@au******.com to experience a wide range of top-class services.

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